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Truffle Dessert Aaaa

Author: Mock Webware |

Bag Appeal- This large & dense nug sure stands out thanks to its mosaic of colours & the superb trim. The trichomes are thick and frosty too! My Ranking: AAAA Smell - The aroma reminds me of dessert due to the wonderful sweet, fruity and creamy notes. It's a really tasty strong scent. My Ranking: AAAA Cure - The cure is fresh and done great. The buds texture is sticky inside and out which definitely explains why the smell is so good & strong. My Ranking: AAAA Vape Sessions - Top shelf sessions with this strain. Vapor tastes sweet, creamy and fruity, which is unique and every hit is enjoyable. Super smooth and tons of vapour. My Ranking: AAAA Potency/Buzz - The buzz is indica dominant and potent. The thc % feels high & the effects are relaxing, a bit sedating, couch locking, spacey and happy. Long lasting buzz too & great for nights. My Ranking: AAAA



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