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With the growing cannabis industry, concentrates are becoming the most popular product among consumers. Unbeatable flavor profiles, greater potency, and healthier consumption have made this product very attractive. Terpenes, terpenoids, terps. Whatever you call them, these compounds in cannabis that give it distinctive aromas and flavors are popping up in consumer products everywhere. The idea is that terpenes enhance the health benefits of the products either alone or synergistically with other terpenes, THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids found in cannabis. As experts in the field, we at West Coast Bud Mail want to introduce you to the Super Exclusive 6-star Live Hash Rosin W.p.f.f. 70u-120u.

It has a banana strawberry milkshake smell and taste and super loud terps. In the hash world, the phrase “cold cured” generally applies to rosin concentrates, which are made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis or water hash. After the pressing process, extractors will cure their rosin in sealed containers, with factors such as length of the cure, pressure, temperature, stirring, and agitation all playing roles in the final result. Cold curing rosin means the curing took place at somewhere around forty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not exactly cold, but it is relative to the hundred-plus degrees used in hot curing.

This product offers the most terpy clean experience there is for connoisseurs who want to get really elevated. You, too, can get to dab the Super Exclusive 6-star Live Hash Rosin W.p.f.f. 70u-120u at $130 a gram.

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