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Buying cannabis can be intimidating. When you enter a cannabis shop, you are met with a massive selection of products. How do you even begin to navigate your options? Should you spend $60 on an eighth of Purple Punch, which is 23% THC, when there is a $20 eighth from a different brand with 28% THC? The experience becomes even more challenging if you’re buying online and can’t see the product in front of you.

In our experience, we found that price, THC percentage, and strain name are the most common reasons customers choose a product. Even though these criteria are helpful for narrowing down your options, none of them speak to the quality of a product.

So, how do you tell great weed from good weed? Why spend the extra cash? To answer those questions, the experts at West Coast Bud Mail have put together a guide to choosing the best weed and mentioned a few characteristics that define quality cannabis.

Quality isn’t just THC
First off, a relatively widespread misconception is that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage equals quality weed. Whereas the truth is excellent quality cannabis is characterized by a complex arrangement of cannabinoids and terpenes, not just THC. This intricate arrangement of compounds, when consumed, produces robust, well-rounded effects that result in a more enjoyable high. On the other hand, a THC-dominant flower lacking diversity in terpenes and cannabinoids will produce a one-dimensional experience that is short-lived and sometimes even anxiety-provoking.

However, as very few terpenes and cannabinoids, and compounds other than THC are mentioned on the label, it can be challenging to determine if the product you’re buying is worth the extra cash.

Characteristics of quality cannabis

1. Smell
If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to smell flower before it is packaged, you have an advantage. Smelling your bud is the best way to determine its terpene profile. The more pungent the aroma, the more terpenes are present. You want it to smell loud! 

2. Freshness
If you don’t have the ability to smell your weed before you purchase it, freshness will be your best indicator for determining the quality of a product. Cannabis degrades over time; terpenes are in a constant state of evaporation and are pretty much gone after six months. Proper storage can delay this process, but nothing will completely stop it. So be sure to check the harvest date on your flower before purchase, as chemical complexity and effects are dependent on this.

3. A healthy look with a lot of crystals
In your search for the best weed, you also want to make sure you check the health and ripeness of the trichomes. A perfect trichome will be milky white, and a plant with strong genetics will be blanketed by them. Clear trichomes are an indication that the plant was harvested before it reached maturity, and if you see amber or brown trichomes, the plant was not harvested soon enough. Ensuring that your weed has ripe trichomes allows you to experience the flower at its peak ripeness and experience all its effects.

4. Correct packaging, shipping, and handling
Finally, there is something to be said about shipping and handling. Quality flower is dried and cured correctly. This allows your flower to be tasty, smooth, and free of mold. Next, it must be packaged and shipped to your address. High-quality packaging and care during transportation ensure that none of the trichomes on the outside of the flower are destroyed, and your bud smells like it was just harvested.

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